The standard for most modern flagpoles is fibreglass. However, aluminium is still extensively used and has its place in the flagpole spectrum. Unless you have a particular reason or preference for one type over another we will guide you to make the correct decision.

One often overlooked aspect, critical to the safety of the installation, is the grade of flagpole required for the location. Factors such as geographical location and height will dictate the correct type of flagpole. Talk to us about where the flagpole is to be sited so we can match the flagpole grade to the location and help secure the health and safety of your installation. Read more about us here.


  • The modern industry standard for flagpoles.
  • Available in lengths of 3m to 12m and up to 16m by special quotation.
  • Range of grades to suit the location: standard; heavy duty; extra heavy duty; ultra heavy duty.
  • Elegant and sleek taper profile.
  • Smooth, white, hard gel coat finish – impervious to all weather conditions.
  • Easy maintenance with a wipe clean finish.


  • At one end of the scale aluminium is ideal for budget, short length and portable flagpoles. At the other end of the scale we supply premier architect specified flagpoles.
  • Shorter flagpoles are offered in a parallel profile; longer flagpoles in step taper
  • Available in lengths 3m to 12m
  • Durable white powder coated paint finish.


  • Occasionally only a timber flagpole will do!
  • Made to order Douglas Fir specials. 
  • Recreations for heritage and listed buildings.