Wall mounted flagpoles

Wall mounted flagpoles

Wall mounted flagpoles are found on public buildings such as town halls, Government buildings and educational institutions.  A wall mounted flagpole is eye catching and ensures your business or building is clearly visible to customers and visitors, particularly if located on a crowded street. If you are planning to buy a wall mounted flagpole, especially for the first time, choosing the right flagpole may seem like a complex task. Flagpole Company have created some easy to follow tips to help you to choose the right flagpole.

Wall mounted flagpoles

Wall mounted flagpoles can be either horizontal, angled or vertical and are fitted with wall brackets. Our standard bracket systems and stay arms allow the flagpole to be fixed to the side of a building. For special projects we offer bespoke solutions with custom made brackets and stays, to suit the requirements of the building

Angled/vertical wall mounted flagpoles

To decide whether you require an angled, vertical or a horizontal wall mounted flagpole is determined by the building and the wall where the flagpole is to be installed. For example, a business with a high street location would benefit from an angled/horizontal wall mounted flagpole -so the flagpole comes out from the side of the building.  The flag is then visible as sign making your location easily noticeable to visitors

Factors to consider for angled/ horizontal wall mounted flagpoles:
  1. Does the position you are planning to install the flagpole allow the flag to be changed or removed without risk. Avoid installing over fire exits, doorways and other openings with limited or no safe access to the flagpole.  The flagpole needs to be accessed safely to attend to the flag.
  2. Can the flag be safety tethered back to the building? In some locations high winds can generate a wind tunnel effect causing the flag to wrap around the flagpole. A correctly positioned tail line tether can help to stop the flag becoming tangled around the flagpole. Not all buildings have a suitable location for this system. If you are unsure please call our expert team on 01245 230700.
High wind safety advice

Whether your wall mounted flagpole is angled, vertical or horizontal. It is recommended that flags should be removed when winds are expected to exceed 30 mph/ wind force 6. Refer to the Beaufort Scale on our website for indicators of wind speed. High winds will raise the load on the flagpole and increase the chance of it becoming damaged or pulling its fixings from the wall, which of course is a significant safety issue. Therefore, where safety possible remove flags when high winds are predicated.

Annual maintenance inspections

If you have a flagpole, regardless of its location, it is recommended to have an annual maintenance inspection to check your flagpole is fully functional and safe.  Although, there is a cost to an annual maintenance inspection, it minimises cost of ownership in the long term and reduces the risk of a health and safety incident. Regular maintenance checks and servicing will help to prolong the life of your flagpole and maintain its functionality. To organise yours please email our team, call 01245 230700 or complete our online form