We offer flagpoles in a variety of material types and with a range of fixtures and fittings.
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Flagpole Company offers a comprehensive range of flagpole products and services: supply, installation, maintenance and refurbishment. Our range of flagpoles covers most requirements from a flagpole for the garden to a flagpole that is to be the centre piece of an international building or setting. We can supply and deliver to your site for self installation or provide an entire supply and install service with the option of annual maintenance to help you comply with statutory health and safety legislation. To read more about us, click here.


Heights & Lengths

  • The most commonly requested flagpole height is 6 metres. This flagpole serves many situations. Call us to see if this might be right for you.
  • Our flagpoles are offered in standard lengths between 3m to 12m and up to 16m by special quotation.
  • Custom lengths can be supplied to suit your requirements.
flagpoles & flagpole profiles

Flagpole profiles

  • Smooth taper – classic elegance pertinent to fibreglass flagpoles and some aluminium types.
  • Step taper – a two or more section taper offered on some types of aluminium flagpoles.
  • Parallel – found on budget aluminium flagpoles and some timber types.
flagpole materials

Flagpole Materials

  • Flagpoles are available in different materials and the types that we supply are:

    • Fibreglass
    • Aluminium
    • Timber

Fixtures and fittings

Unless otherwise specified all of our flagpoles come with the required fixtures and fittings to get your flagpole up and your flag flying.

As standard our fibreglass flagpoles come with:

  • Halyard – internal or external according to your requirements.
  • Finial – a gold colour, onion shaped, rotating finial.
  • Cleat – either external or internal according to your requirements.

As standard our parallel and step taper aluminium flagpoles come with: 

  • Halyard – external or internal according to your requirements.
  • Flagpole top – a plastic domed top; standard colour white.
  • Cleat – either external or internal type – according to the halyard system required.
Other fixtures that we offer are:
  • rotating flag arm; halyard weight; flag ties – all used where you require a portrait style flag supported with a rotating arm so the at the flag can be seen at all times.
  • Base cover – a cosmetic accessory designed to cover up the ground fixing.
flagpoles & flagpole profiles

Halyard systems

Generally there are two different types of halyard system.

The external halyard type, although the most popular system, offers no security against having your flag stolen as anybody can walk up to the flagpole and lower the flag.

The internal halyard type offers security as the rope is inside the flagpole and you either need a key to access the halyard door built into the side of the flagpole or a winch handle to fit the winding mechanism.

Fibreglass flagpoles are mostly available with a choice of all three halyard types.

  • External halyard – most popular but least secure.
  • Internal halyard with jam cleat – secure access via door with a lock and key
  • Internal halyard with winch – secure access and easy raising and lowering of flag with a handle.
flagpole materials

Mounting types

Depending on the location, a flagpole can be mounted in different ways. These following are typical arrangements:

  • Ground mounted using a hinged base plate and ground anchors. The optimum way to provide a safe and secure ground mounting in a concrete foundation. The galvanised steel base plate hinges allowing the flagpole to be lowered to the ground for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ground mounted using a ground sleeve. A quick and cost effective way of installing budget aluminium flagpoles at temporary locations.
  • Wall mounted on wall brackets (horizontal, vertical or angled). Standard bracket sets and stay arms allowing the flagpole to be fixed to the side of a building.
  • We offer bespoke solutions for special projects – tabernacle mounting, special brackets and stays – solutions to suit individual requirements.

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