External halyard VS internal halyard flagpoles

External halyard VS internal halyard flagpoles

A halyard is a rope used for raising and lowering a flag on a flagpole or a sail on ship.  If you are upgrading or installing a new flagpole and wish to fly a flag on it, then you will need to decide on the halyard system. There are two main types of halyard used for raising and lowering flags on flagpoles. An external halyard is located on the outside of a flagpole. An internal halyard which is located on the inside of a flagpole. To help you decide which system you need we have outlined the differences.

External halyard system

An external halyard flagpole system has the rope on the outside of the flagpole. The external halyard uses a finial at the top of the flagpole and a cleat at the bottom of the flagpole which ties the rope off.  The rotating finial swivels and allows the flag to turn with the direction of the wind. By allowing the flag to rotate it reduces the wear and tear on the halyard’s components. The external halyard system is easily accessed however, in a public place there is a risk of the flag being stolen. In addition, the system is exposed to the weather and environmental conditions where as an internal halyard system is not.

Internal halyard system

An internal halyard flagpole system has the rope concealed within the actual flagpole.  It does the same job but works in a slightly different way. In addition to the rotating finial and cleat, the internal halyard has a flag weight. The weight enables the halyard to run inside the flagpole emerging from below the finial so the flag can be connected. Everything is hidden inside the flagpole and accessed via a lockable door. The benefits of this system include a neater looking flagpole, prevents the flag being stolen and it tends to be quieter

Which halyard should I choose?

If you are considering installing a flagpole, and are unsure which halyard you require. We would always recommend you call our engineers on 01245 230700 to seek some expert advice. Our engineer will ask some questions about the location and some additional factors. Then depending on your answers our engineer will be able to recommend the most suitable halyard system for your flagpole. Internal halyard systems tend to be more expensive and this is a factor you may need to consider when deciding on which flagpole to have.

At Flagpole Company our engineers have extensive flagpole experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice about your halyard system and flagpole. For more information or to book an installation please email the team, call 01245 230700 or complete our online form.